Month: May 2017

Used Car Review – Corvette Summer

corvette wings logo
Image by Source, via Wikimedia Commons, Fair Use

Admittedly, Rochester NY isn’t the best city in the world to have a sports car. Between the changeable weather, road conditions, and short season- If you’re going to have something to enjoy for the summer, you might not want to spend a lot of money on it. Because let’s be real, if you really like it, it’s going to spend most of its time in the garage.

This brings up an interesting market observation. In our travels to various clients, contacts, and events we have been noticing something very positive: there are a hell of a lot of Chevrolet Corvettes roaming the 585. This makes us happy, because old Corvettes have a habit of ending up on with various problems, and when they do, they often get fixed without breaking the bank like an exotic sports car would.

So, to see what all the hubbub was about, we went out and test drove some of the cheapest 3rd-6th generation used Corvettes we could find. The results we’re as varied as the styling of this classic piece of American culture and ranged from absolutely terrible to utterly sublime. However, what they do represent is a clear evolution from “basically a barge” to “serious performance machine”. So basically, here’s 4 shorter, less flowery used car reviews.

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