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Surfwrench is a site dedicated to making car repair as simple, convenient and cost-effective as possible. We have created features to add more accountability to the process. From prescreening our technicians to adding in a built-in feedback system, Surfwrench aims to connect you with auto repair professionals who are committed to affordably and expertly repairing your vehicle.

Get Your Car Fixed Without Calling Around

Our independent repair technicians and shops provide auto repair services in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and across all of Upstate NY. Our techs work on every make and model of car, truck, and vans. No matter what your car repairs needs, you can count on Surfwrench to help you repair your car quickly and affordably.

How Our Site Works

POST: Tell us about your car, tell us what’s wrong with it or what you need done

CHOOSE: Local shops and technicians bid on your job. You choose based on their price, availability, expertise, and previous job feedback. You can get everything set up right in the on site chat!

GET BACK ON THE ROAD: Set up your meeting with your shop or technician, they perform the service, and you get back on the road faster, for less money, and saving tons of your time.

LEAVE FEEDBACK: Tell us about how your experience, so other people can get their problems solved as well.

SAVE THOUSANDS: Our patented system allows for open bidding on all types of automotive jobs, you always get the best service at the best price.


Our techs bid on your car and you choose which one performs the repair based on their qualifications, your budget, and rates.


Each tech will try to out-bid the others to win the right to work on your car. This means you get the best techs at the price you want.

Built-In Reviews

Read and post feedback about your experience. Our built-in feedback system gives you the chance to read what others have said about our techs and post your own reviews.


Have questions about the process? Please visit our FAQ page or contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you out.