Why Choose Surfwrench?

We’ve Got Your Car Repair Needs Covered

There are two rules to owning a car:

Rule #1: If you own a car, it will break.

Rule #2: There is nothing you can do about Rule #1.

Back in the day, you had three options when your car broke down:

  1. Take it to a dealership and get scalped for the price of parts and labor.
  2. Take it to a repair shop and hope they work on your make and model of vehicle.
  3. Fix it yourself.

Now there is a new option: Surfwrench. Using our site and application is easy. Sign up and input information about your car. Describe the problem you’re having, whether it’s making weird noises, leaking fluids, or is driving horribly. After submitting information, local, screened technicians will bid on your job and provide you with repair estimates. You then get to choose who works on your car, based on their skills, cost to fix, and previous customer feedback.

For more information about using Surfwrench, please read our blog post, “How to Use Surfwrench” or visit our FAQ page.