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The Winter Beater: The Backbone of Upstate NY Winters


At time of writing this, it’s the very beginning the first major snowfall of the season. Snow, as it turns out, is the great equalizer, the force of nature that sends the nicer cars scurrying for their car covers in the back of the garage. The amalgamation of cold, salt, and lower coefficients of friction that makes most of us shelve the cars that carry our favor, and instead rely upon ones that don’t. In this article we are going to talk about the unsung hero of the winter season: the winter beater. We are going to pay tribute to some of the better winter beaters out there, give you an idea of what to look for when buying one, and some of the reasons why you should.

Winter Beater Theory

A simple search will turn up no less than 10,000 articles about winter beaters, and some of the favorite makes and models that people throw around in the snow in lieu of destroying their nicer, summer car. There are good reasons for this. Some cars are just naturally made for this weather: old XJ Jeeps and Subaru’s that are cheap and plentiful, but have all wheel drive that make them highly sought after prizes for people trying to plow through a Nor’Easter on their way to Wegmans because they forgot the eggs and milk in their last run home from work.

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