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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We Few, We Happy Few…

According to some internet calendar that we (sometimes) use to amp up our content creation, today is Employee Appreciation Day, so we’re writing this as an open letter to all of our employees, and all of the employees yet to come.

First and foremost, we are extremely proud of all of you. The amount of growth — both individually — and as a company has given us whiplash at times, but our ability to adapt and succeed has become a defining characteristic of who we are. We are proud of this. Given that the average age of a Surfwrench employee is 22, we have had to grow up fast, in an industry that is at best inhospitable, and at worst completely homicidal.

As a growing start-up, we know that we don’t always have the best gear. We know that we have to meet in coffee shops when it’s too cold to hang out in the garage. We know that your sacrifices are great. We know that we ask a lot of every single one of you. We know that oftentimes this involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

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