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Happy Valentine’s Day from Surfwrench

Cars We Love

Valentine’s Day: another bulls**t Hallmark holiday designed to sell cards, flowers, and chocolate (we’re not complaining about the chocolate). Often times used as an excuse for people to feel bad about their relationship status, it has morphed into a holiday where people love everything — from their pets, to their family members, to the people who make their coffee. However, we know that sometimes love transcends the very thought of life itself. Sometimes people genuinely love their cars.

This makes sense though. In many cases, people own their cars for years. They experience a variety of emotions with their cars: They are sad when their car isn’t working. They are happy when their favorite song comes on the radio. They are mad when someone in a Lexus is sitting in the left lane doing 3 over the speed limit. Because of this variety of emotion, often times it results in a deep emotional bond. There is both monetary and time invested with our cars. How often in nostalgic conversation have you heard someone say, “oh I loved that car” with just an ounce of pain knowing the bond is no more.

With that being said, here are some of the cars that our staff love:

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