Our Services

Surfwrench is an automotive repair application founded and based in Rochester, NY. Our network of independent auto technicians serve customers across Upstate and Western New York. Our goal is to make owning, fixing, and purchasing a car easier. We are a platform that connects customers with experienced automotive professionals in their area.

Our company was built to streamline the auto repair process by cutting out the middleman and saving customers money, and helping technicians earn more per job. Surfwrench’s network of technicians are experienced with every make and model of car. Better yet, they know how to fix them, and want to help you save your hard-earned dollars.

Here’s a little more information about Surfwrench, and what we can do for you:

We are Not Your Typical Auto Repair Company

What sets our process apart is simple: by prescreening our technicians and creating a built-in feedback system, we have added more accountability to the process. Our goal is to connect you with auto repair technicians who WANT to work on your car, and actually know the ins and outs of repairing or restoring your particular vehicle. Using Surfwrench not only gives you the opportunity to save money on your auto repair bills, it allows techs to work on the jobs they want, when they want.

Most importantly, it allows both technicians and customers to review the process. Customer feedback goes directly to the technician who fixed your car, which helps them improve their process, and lets future customers know if the work your tech provided was worthwhile. Our review process is more accurate than any other review site, simply because it gives feedback to the person who does the actual work.

In addition to providing car repair and restoration services, our technicians can help you find the perfect new or used car, and provide you with first-hand, unbiased information about the makes and models you are interested in.

Providing a Full Range of Auto Repair & Restoration Services

From simple job like changing a tire, oil changes and swapping out wiper blades to full transmission rebuilds, heater core replacements, and engine swaps, our technicians can do any job you put in front of them.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Used Car Checks

Why would you ever trust anyone trying to sell you a car? With the Surfwrench Used Car Check, you don’t have to! Tell us about the car that you’re looking at and a technician who is familiar with that make and model will be able to take a look at it FOR YOU.

Our technicians will provide you with unbiased, valuable feedback on your potential purchase. They will tell you what is wrong with the vehicle, what will go wrong with it, what it is worth, and, most importantly, what you should pay for it. Never get ripped off again.

We love this feature, and we hope you do too!

Emergency Services

If your car has broken down, our system will not leave you stranded. In addition to working with pre-screened auto techs, we have partnerships with a number of towing operators. If your car has broken down, count on our techs and towers to get you back on the road.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Without a properly functioning air conditioning system, driving in the spring and summer can be miserable. When you submit a job for A/C service and repair, your tech will check the functionality of the system components. examine your system for any leaks or damage, inspect the compressor belt, and evaluate the controls.

Auto Restoration & Customization

From installing a new radio and speakers, to a full blown nut and bolt frame off restoration, our technicians can help you out. At Surfwrench, we want to make every part of owning a car easier, including making your ride more comfortable and bringing it back to its factory specifications.

Electrical Work

Your car or truck’s electrical system is composed of a variety of parts and components. This includes the battery, headlamps, alternator, starter, and more. Diagnosing and repairing these components can be complicated, but your independent Surfwrench technician will help you diagnose and repair your vehicle’s electrical system.

Brake Service

As one of the main safety elements in a vehicle, it’s important to have your brakes regularly checked for wear. You brakes and related components are bound to wear as your vehicle ages. Our technicians provide a full breadth of brake services including brake line repair and inspection, rotor-drum refinishing and replacement, brake pad replacement, caliper inspection, ABS Control diagnostics, and more.

Suspension Repair

A vehicle’s suspension is composed of various components, including shock and struts. The suspension not only ensures your ride is comfortable, it stabilizes steering, and helps create friction between driving surfaces and your tires. If your car has been riding roughly, you may be experiencing suspension issues, which can be dangerous for you, your passengers, and drivers around you.

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Your car’s engine converts fuel into power, which literally drives your car forward. From diagnosing and repairing issues with your fuel injection system to replacing timing belts and complete engine rebuilds and replacements, we’ve got all of your engine repair needs covered.

Radiator Repair

Radiators are an important component of your vehicle’s cooling system. It helps to ensure your engine is operating at peak performance by regulating the temperature within the engine. The radiator helps facilitate the transfer of heat from coolant to air blown by the radiator exchanger of fan. A malfunctioning radiator can cause your car to overheat and destroy your engine.

Timing Belts & Chains

Timing belt and changes are internal engine components that ensures each cylinder fires at the same time. A properly maintaining timing belt or chain helps maintain the lifespan and power of your vehicle. If you experiencing issues with your engine turning over or hear a ticking noise in the engine, you may need this component replaced.

Exhaust Repair

You exhaust system is made of a number of components that reduces the pollutants your car produces and prevent dangerous gases from leaking into your vehicle. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a performance exhaust system or need your muffler, catalytic converter or exhaust pipes replaced, our techs are here to help.

Auto Body Work

Whether you have been in an accident or would like to clean up dents and dings on your vehicle, one of techs has the skills to restore your vehicle’s look. They can help you make your vehicle look good as new through custom vehicle painting, parts replacement, and more. Our techs also provide auto body work for classic cars, and can help you with vehicle customization.

Front End Work

The front end of your vehicle is composed of a number of parts including control arms, tie rod ends, ball joints, center links, and other steering components. If your vehicle has been handling rough or you’ve been experiencing steering issues, you may need front end work. This is especially true if you have been in an accident or collision. We will help you get back on the road safely.

If your car isn’t running right, has a check engine light on, didn’t start this morning, or needs any other form of repair: let us know. Tell us a little bit about you, your car, and the problem you’re having and a Surfwrench independent technician or shop will be able to get it running right in no time, for way less money.

Features Coming Soon:

Chat: Talk to your technician right from the dashboard. Faster, smarter, easier, and still saving you time and money.

Parts Panda: Making the acquisition of parts easier, faster, and less expensive. It’s a Surfwrench thing.

For more information about using Surfwrench, please read our blog post, “How to Use Surfwrench” or visit our FAQ page.