Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surfwrench?

Our site is dedicated to making the car repair process as simple, convenient and cost effective as possible. Our process adds more accountability to the repair process, from finding a technician or shop, to getting your car fixed. We pre screen our independent Surfwrench technicians to creating a built-in feedback system, Surfwrench aims to connect you with auto repair professionals who are committed to repairing your car or truck the right way, without costing you an arm and a leg. For independent technicians and repair shops, Surfwrench is a way for you to grow and spread your business. Surfwrench allows you to gather customers who will rate your work, and in turn help you find an even larger group of customers.

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What to expect as a Surfwrench Technician

The tips and tricks below are some things we’ve seen since launching our site:

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