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Auto Technicians Wanted

Work For Yourself & Earn More

auto technician working on a BMWGear Head, Spanner Wanker, Lube Tech, Herr Doctor, Parts Cannon, Knuckle Dragger, Nippledicks (we’re looking at you Wrenching Network) — no matter which one of these adjectives applies to you, two things are for certain. You make your living with your brains and your tools, and you help keep over 260 million cars on American roads running.

This is an incredible proposition, considering recent reports indicate that there are less than 5 million of you in the United States. While this seems like a losing battle, you now have a massive ace in the hole: the ability to work on the jobs that you want, when you want to work on them, and for a rate that you agree upon with the person who needs their car fixed.

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