About Surfwrench

We get it: you can’t live without your car. Neither can we. We also know owning a vehicle is expensive, and when something goes wrong, it is one of the most inconvenient things on the planet.

Our company was built for one reason: to fix cars. However, we do it in a way never seen before in this 100+ year old industry. We have created a revolutionary marketplace for people who have automotive needs to get exactly what they need, when they need it, with a level of accountability that takes away some of the stress and hassle of auto repair.

We’re Not a 9 to 5 Company

It starts with our technicians. Our techs work for themselves, which means they have the flexibility to work on what they want, when they want. No matter the time of day or night, if you have a problem with your car, truck or van, someone can help you whenever and wherever you need. Our technicians are not limited to working in auto repair shops. Some may work out of their home garage. Others may come to you. How and where your car gets repaired is only limited by a technician’s ability and desire to do it.

Surfwrench strips down the process, for both auto technicians and consumers. The idea is to make the auto repair process faster, but also significantly cheaper. Unlike dealerships and repair shops, we do not charge $100/hr for labor and then turn around and pay our technicians $20/hr for their work.

Instead, we let them make the prices, and let you choose who works on your car based on their qualifications, cost, availability, and previous job feedback. These factors are essential to the Surfwrench process, as it lets you know what you’re going to get, and more importantly, helps you get your vehicle repaired for a lot less money and hassle.

Our built-in feedback system is a two-way street. It allows users to rate their repair technicians and the quality of their work. For techs, they can review the process, help us make it more efficient down the line. This keeps everyone honest and ensures that future users receive affordable, timely repairs, and techs can continue to take on the jobs they want.

Our Missions

Surfwrench Mission Statement

Here at Surfwrench, we seek to streamline the entire auto repair process. If you’re a car owner, we want to help you save your hard earned money and cut down on the cost of auto repair. For technicians, we want to help you market your skills and find more work. Our goal is make both parties happy, because both get exactly what they want, with an unprecedented level of accountability.

Social Mission

There is a lot of mistrust in the automotive industry, and we want to peel back the veil on this once shady business. This industry has not evolved in the 100+ years it has existed. We believe by cutting out the middleman, we can help our customers save money on auto repair, while enabling our technicians to make the most money they can for their labor. By directly connecting techs and customers we drive down the price of repair and jack up the quality of work.

Corporate Mission

Like most great American companies, we started in a garage. We are a company committed to the city that helped build us: Rochester NY. Some of the greatest minds are educated, living and working in Rochester. We want to keep them here by providing high-paying jobs they would otherwise have to go to Silicon Valley to obtain.

We fill many of our positions from local colleges and universities including: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), The University of Rochester, The College At Brockport, SUNY Geneseo, Monroe County Community College, and St. John Fisher.

Environmental Mission

It’s no secret cars contribute to pollution, but the fact of the matter is, most of us would find living without a car unbearable, if not impossible. When cars are running properly, they produce fewer emissions. And while newer vehicles do have less of an environmental impact once they are on the road, producing them creates pollution. Keeping older cars and trucks on the road longer actually lowers the aggregate pollution caused by the initial creation of that car.

Surfwrench helps with both of these things: we want to make sure your car runs cleaner and lasts longer. We put an emphasis on recycling parts and fluids, so customers can save money and lessen the environmental impact of their vehicle.