Month: March 2017

Used Car Review – 1993 Acura Legend

A 20-Something Year Old Luxury Barge That Actually Works!

Image by IFCAR, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

If you came into our office and said, “I have $3000 dollars to buy a used car, but I am looking for a luxury barge, and it has to be older than I am,” there is a decent shot I would have to keep you occupied while Uncle Jimmy gets the men in white coats. Big, complicated, flagship sort of cars are notoriously terrible on resale and for a lot of really good reasons: they break and when they do it is usually extremely expensive. Often when a car is dubbed a “flagship” it is utilizing a lot of technology that a car maker is going to work the kinks out of and then put into higher volume makes in the near future. However if your search for a large, complicated, fashionable luxury barge lead you to the 1993 Acura Legend, we would call off the men in white coats and have a good chat.

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Beware the Ides of March: Automobile Edition

23 Ways Your Car Can Stab You in the Back

Friendships are weird. Of the 7 billion people on planet earth, we tend to spend 95% of our free time that isn’t work or sleep with like 4 of them. Friendships are great. It gives you people to go on road trips with, help you move, rip on other people, have inside jokes with, and go to baseball games. However, sometimes friendships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Things like jealousy, treachery, neglect, and personality flaws will drive wedges between people in ways that are often difficult or painful to fix. One of the most famous examples of this lead a guy by the name of Julius Caesar to getting stabbed a whopping 23 times by at least 50% of the people he hung out with most — and a whole bunch of his coworkers. According to Shakespeare, his last words was calling out one of these friends, because let’s be real, we would all do this.

However, what about other instances where things you care about let you down, screw you over, or make your life a lot harder than it is supposed to be? Ex: when your dog eats your new boots, and then throws it up on your dry cleaning- half an hour before prom (I’m looking at you Oliver) As we have proven, people can really love their cars — and much like the dog and your friends, you car is totally able to let you down, screw you over at inopportune times, and stab you in the back. Whether it’s from neglect, terrible design, or just the relentless advance of time, here are some of the major reasons that your car might make you say, “Et Tu, Beamer?”

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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We Few, We Happy Few…

According to some internet calendar that we (sometimes) use to amp up our content creation, today is Employee Appreciation Day, so we’re writing this as an open letter to all of our employees, and all of the employees yet to come.

First and foremost, we are extremely proud of all of you. The amount of growth — both individually — and as a company has given us whiplash at times, but our ability to adapt and succeed has become a defining characteristic of who we are. We are proud of this. Given that the average age of a Surfwrench employee is 22, we have had to grow up fast, in an industry that is at best inhospitable, and at worst completely homicidal.

As a growing start-up, we know that we don’t always have the best gear. We know that we have to meet in coffee shops when it’s too cold to hang out in the garage. We know that your sacrifices are great. We know that we ask a lot of every single one of you. We know that oftentimes this involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

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