Month: November 2016

Used Car Review – 1999 Crown Victoria Interceptor

crown victoria Interceptor
Image by Sarah Ewart via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

“It’s got Cop Shocks, Cop Tires, a 440 plant built before cat-a-lytic con-verters so it’ll run good on regular gas.”

For this week I took a spin in one of the favorite cars of rejected police cadets and people with “seasonal” cars. I got to hammer on a car that had already been hammered on for the vast majority of its life.

And it’s really not as much fun as you think.

This 1999 Crown Vic Interceptor started out its life as a police interceptor for the town of Greece, NY. Curious choice considering it is one of the largest towns on planet earth, and the highest speed limit in this town is 40 mph. This car probably made the town of Greece over 100k in ticket revenue. Not because of the fact that it had a super long service life, but because if you’ve ever driven through Greece, you have gotten a ticket in Greece.

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Used Car Review – 2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI Mk4

Volkswagen Golf Mk4 TDI 5 Door
Image by IFCAR via Wikimedia Commons

A Little Car with Big Value

We all have that one friend: the friend who is extremely solid and goes about their business in a professional, quiet and dignified manner. A friend that when you go out for drinks, has a nice stout and sips it all night while you get blasted on martinis. They’re often from a big family, so the chaos doesn’t phase them. If that friend were a car, they’d be the Golf TDI.

The Volkswagen Golf is the second most mass produced car on the planet, right behind the car it was intended to replace, the Beetle. According to reports, they made 29 million of them by 2012, from their inception in 1976. So that’s a pretty solid pedigree. More importantly, this nameplate has seen absolutely everything that you can throw at it. From the incredibly economical (like this one) to the flashy hot hatchbacks of the GTI class, and just about everything in between, there is a Golf for your driving style. Continue reading “Used Car Review – 2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI Mk4”