Month: October 2016

If Your Car Were A Classic Movie Monster…

Car problems are scary. Often times, they end up costing large sums of money and impede your normal routine significantly. As such, here are some of the common types of car problems, as re-imagined by classic monster tropes. As always, if you have a problem make sure you put it on Let’s be real, car problems are a total monster, but luckily we’re kind like Van Helsing.


Dracula: the car that keeps sucking you dry.
Don’t get us wrong, Dracula is hella cool. What’s not cool? When you car sucks your bank account dry.

We all know that one person who — whether it be through necessity, love, or mental illness — keeps their car going long after it should have been taken out behind the woodshed. Often times, they have enough replacement parts to make an entirely new car, and it has cost them so much money that they feel obligated to keep them alive.

These cars are literally sucking their owners dry. They should really just move on, and if money is the issue, do a Surfwrench Used Car Check and put a stake in it.

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What Would the Villain Drive?

A Look at Some of Cinema’s Best Bad Guys and What They Should Drive

Halloween is the time for all things creepy, scary, spooky, and unnerving. Because of that, we are going to take a good long look at the bad guys, boogeymen, and villains that have terrified us, then we’re going to take what is scary about them and use that to describe what they would be driving.

There is a popular communications theory that we are quite fond of, revolving around the character Batman. The Batman theory states, “Batman is always going to be the least interesting person in anything about Batman” insinuating that the most interesting elements of any story come from the villain that a protagonist has to face.

At Surfwrench, we love a solid villain. We like the ones who are charismatic, terrifying, and often times, not entirely wrong. Once again, this is because we do everything that we can to basically be the automotive industry’s Batman. So fire up the Saint-Saens and take a look at some of our favorite villains, and what they would drive if given the opportunity. Continue reading “What Would the Villain Drive?”

Used Car Review – 2003 Hummer H2

Hummer H2

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


AKA: America’s Gas Guzzling, Underpowered Zombie Car

In 1998, at the height of the politically correct 90’s, AMC sold the naming rights of the Hummer to GM. The resulting designs, plopped right on top of proven GM frames and powertrains would result in some of the most iconic displays of American Exceptionalism in the 2000’s right up until the expensive oil and economic crash of 2008. These fat, slow, thirsty and surprisingly impractical vehicles went the way of the dodo as the economy imploded and american exceptionalism took a good long look in the mirror.

That last line that I just said about them being fat slow stupid and surprisingly impractical is kind of strange, and here’s why. The truck that this is based off of, a Chevrolet Tahoe, is actually a pretty good truck. It’s basically a big, 4 wheel drive, station wagon. Chevy didn’t overthink, or over sell this car one bit. People with big families or who needed to pull a lot of stuff bought them up by the boatload. They are really, really solid trucks. Also, the previous car on the nameplate, the H1 Hummer is a solid vehicle. It was good enough to replace the Jeep as the go to vehicle for the American Infantry for 2 ½ wars. Its powerful diesel engine and actuating frame made it the perfect platform for all sorts of different configurations. Continue reading “Used Car Review – 2003 Hummer H2”

How to Use Surfwrench

We’ve said it once; we’ll say it again. There are two rules to owning a car:

Rule #1: If you own a car, it will break.

Rule #2: There is nothing you can do about Rule #1.

We can’t tell you how, where, and what will break on your car, but our technicians can help you fix it. Even better, they can help save you time and money on your next car repair. Surfwrench was built to be a platform between customers and technicians who can not only fix your car, but want to fix it. Our site and app give you the power to choose who fixes your car. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle of having to go to the dealership and pay an arm and a leg for routine repairs.

Our team has taken a little bit of time to put together this handy post for how to get started on our site. It’s not the most thrilling thing you’ll read today, but we figure, if it can help our customers use our site easier, it’s worth the time to lay it all out step-by-step. Continue reading “How to Use Surfwrench”

Used Car Review – 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

“We are the walking dead.”- Rick Grimes

What is a zombie car? Unfortunately it is not a shambling corpse of a vehicle that never needs gas and likes mauling and consuming other properly working cars (this would be freaking awesome). No, instead a zombie car refers to a make or model that no longer gets made. Some zombie cars are such for really good reasons, they didn’t sell enough of them, the company that made them was insolvent, or they were absolutely awful. Weirdly enough, this 2001 Oldsmobile Alero is one of those zombies with an interesting story. It was a sad turn of events that made this a zombie car, and we really can’t figure out why.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

The Oldsmobile Alero was typically outfitted with GM’s peppy little 4 cylinder, or the slightly bigger V6. This one has the 4, with a manual 5 speed gearbox. It is a small, light car with a decent amount of power compared to other options in the segment. It handled well for a front wheel, 4 cylinder compact. I really didn’t have any complaints. This one had done 170k, and had taught 4 young drivers how to drive a stick shift. It still had the original clutch and gearbox. Seriously what is that thing made out of?

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